Friday evening was spent celebrating our Christopher’s, our oldest nephew, 18th birthday. It was a very good night, a good meal, good company and we finally got to meet his best friend Ryan. Ryan got very drunk. Very VERY drunk. Thankfully he’s a friendly drunk though so wasn’t too much hassle (hope the hangover wasn’t TOO bad Ryan!). Snippets from the evening – our godson Mark declared that, having drank 5 cans of Coke he would be awake until Tuesday (it was very funny at the time!), bumping into an old friend’s brother and subsequently having a mobile phone thrust in my direction with aforementioned friend on the line. He’s now in London and is about to start work on Saturday Night Fever – well done Malcolm!

Anyway, for fear of embarassing him too much I’ll just say that it’s my honour to have known Christopher (sorry mate, still can’t get used to calling you Chris) for most of his life, and I hope that his and Ryan’s plans to take on Microsoft come to fruition. Actually Louise and I were talking about that and, between them, they have the makings of a good team. Both are smart although I think Ryan would concede that Chris (see I’m trying!) is the brains, whereas Ryan would most definitely be the mouth of the operation. One with the clever ideas, one to sell the idea and talk the talk. Hey, stranger things have happened and I’ll take this moment to point out that I’m giving them my full (non-financial) support and best wishes with any future venture (just remember your old Uncle Gordon when you make your first million!!).

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