Boy, Interrupted

Finally we have internet access back. It’s odd, I hadn’t really noticed just how much I relied on the internet to fuel my working day. I would venture that I’m slightly LESS productive without it to be honest for, despite it’s propensity to distract, it was an good way to help me refocus on a task when stuck. Given that the projects I’m working on are all on products new to me (at the depth I require at least) I find that I’ve become reliant on the internet to give me a two minute break every now and then to free up my thoughts and help me look at things from a different angle. My job requires a fair amount of analysis and filtering of technical information, distilling it down to meet the correct user audience, and I often have moments when I find myself blocked.

When they occur I usually check my email, do some minor tasks or anything else but think about the immediate problem. I often find that I can then rethink my ideas quite quickly – I guess I work better on the move than by brute force… if that make senses.

Admittedly sometimes I get ‘in the zone’ and I can hammer away for hours without interruption but those moments usually occur towards the end of projects when my understanding is a lot better than it is now. That time will come but for now I need the interruptions to keep me productive.

Hence the reason I’m typing up a post at 11:17am when I know fine well that it probably won’t be posted until, at the very least, late this afternoon.