I signed up with AudioScrobbler in mid-April. Despite losing some stats for a while I appear to have listened to over 20,000 tracks since then. And that doesn’t include the commute to and from work. Is that a lot of music? I’m trying to do the maths…

If an average track is 4 mins… 80,000 mins = 1334 hours = 56 days = ~ 2 months.

Yeah, that is quite a bit, isn’t it.

I guess the REAL question is who will I be listening to this year?

Ohh and you may have spotted a post here earlier that has since disappeared. I was importing some of the old ‘musings’ into WordPress and forgot to set the date properly. Graybo got caught out (I think) but I’ll answer his comment anyway (this probably won’t make sense to anyone else).

No, I don’t have those old pages anymore. I’m terrible at keeping archives and stuff like that. Sorry.

In other news: Anyone know what has happened to terreus? Did I miss the memo?

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