Gordon’s brain is slightly overloaded at present, it asks that you please excuse the following.

I’m shifting through some outstanding work issues, trying to collate a short document for myself so I don’t forget to do anything when I come back in January, I’m trying to remember the name of something that I still need to buy Louise – it’s an art kit but can’t recall the right name, and I’m trying to figure out if I’ve got enough time to nip to the art shop AND go for a curry at lunchtime seeing as I’ll be heading home at 4ish tonight (but hey, I was IN the office early!).

I’m trying NOT to think about the redesign for this site, the HaloScan Wiki, my mate’s site design and, despite it being a passing comment, my brain is already leaps and bounds ahead of me and wondering about redesigning another site for someone else (don’t worry Peter, it’s just the way my brain works).

And then there is the mental Christmas checklist that is constantly running; Do we have enough booze? – last count 20 bottles of wine, one box of Miller (it doesn’t give me a hangover), one box of Guinness (it does but I love it so), 3 bottles of Southern Comfort (ditto), 1 bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream, 1 bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin, plenty of mixers… HIC – Have we bought all the presents? I’ve still to phone Gran and arrange picking her up on Xmas morning, we are seeing friends this evening to exchange pressies, tomorrow we should get away for a half day so it’ll be a pub lunch but is there anything else needing done in the afternoon? WHAT HAVE I FORGOTTEN!!!!!

Heh. Reading back that last paragraph I think it’s fairly obvious what my priority is this year. Eat, drink and be very merry!

I digress. I currently have nine posts sitting in draft state, titled: Fat, Single Malt, Put it off-itis, Evil Empire, 2004 lists, Hic, Fairies, Beep beep and Merry Christmas (ignore this one, I know when I’ll post it). I really should post some of them but which ones? Should we have a Scaryduck style vote?

This post is presented as a lesson in creating something out of nothing. Also known as The Brain Dump.