Louise is at her company Christmas night out. She came home at 5.15pm, washed her hair in time for Gillian, her hairdresser, to make an appearance to cut and style her hair. She then spent the next hour getting ready, and swished out the door in a blur of diamantes and glitter. I stayed out of her road (well practised).

I had worked at home today so, whilst Louise was getting ready, I thought I’d keep working and have dinner once she had gone out. Next thing I know it’s 8.30pm. No wonder I’m knackered.

Usual crap on TV on a Friday night (although I did spot that I’d missed Auntie Mame this morning, pity as it’s a funny movie, Rosalind Russell at her best), so I think it’s a quick spot of surfing then off to bed. Don’t want to be too tired tomorrow as I think… yes if memory serves correct I should be heading to Edinburgh tomorrow.

Any “first blogmeet” advice for us newbies?

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