Well I don't know!

I’m at pains to even post this but I will because it’ll serve a purpose.

I don’t blog about work often (other than the usual “my aren’t I busy today, I really shouldn’t be blogging” type of post) but I’m making an exception.

It’s a blip, I know that, it’s the early panic before the impending hurricane. I’m boarding up windows frantically but still think I’ve missed one. It happens on every project, and I’m used to it happening on every project, it’s part of life within a software development cycle.

Except that I’m in that stage for 5 concurrent projects at the moment.

So, in short, I’m alternating between complete rage/fury and a lovely apathetically reached stupor.

Why am I telling you? Well if I leave a comment on your site that is either a tad too cryptic or a tad too offensive then please let me know (it IS also entirely possible that I will leave comments and have no recollection of the fact). Similarly this site will be alternating between no posts and oodles and oodles of posts each day, depending on my state of manic-ness at the time – either manically GO GO GO or manically CAN I PLEASE CRAWL UNDER MY DESK AND SLEEP.

But then that doesn’t really change anything. Other than achieving one of the true aims of a blog which is to “put it out there”.

So, I have. Put it out there. Ignore this at your pleasure. Or, depending on MY mood, your peril. Hey, I’m just trying to keep you on your toes.

Dammit, I’ve just remembered that I was going to ask Pete Ashton if I could use his hard work to offer downloads of John Peel’s Festive Fifty in an advent style event. Oh well, he’s away at the moment it seems so it wouldn’t have worked. Ohh that and being a week late to start.

Let me just crawl back under this desk.

Disclaimer: Yes I AM being a tad over-dramatic (it’s called artistic license, darlings), yes I AM fine, yes I WILL get through this and YES I probably have had too much caffeine today.

This post was brought to you with the aid of the Noisy Keyboard program (over there on the left). What fun. Clickity clickity click SSSSHICK-TING.

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