The more I thought about it, the more I realised just how hard it must be and so my admiration levels grow.

I’d probably need an adapted car, for whilst the trains DO cater for wheelchair users I’m not sure how long I’d last being the person (thing) holding everyone up. Then I’d need someone to open the doors when I get to work. The main building is accessed through a revolving door, although there are firedoors on either side. Then I’d need someone to open the door of the office as I wouldn’t be able to reach the code panel from the wheelchair, and they’d probably need to open both doors as I’m not sure the wheelchair would fit through if just one was open. Working wouldn’t be a problem, the office layout allows for a fair amount of space. But the hassle of getting to and from work would probably end up being the factor that stopped me working in the office.

What would YOU do if you were suddenly paralysed from the waist down?

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