This post may not interest you in the slightest, the main point is that you shouldn’t notice a thing but it may be quiet here for a few days in the near future.

I think, after four and a half years, through Blogger Pro, the Google buyout, the redesign and all the early day issues, it’s time I finally said goodbye to Blogger. It’s been fun, and I’m forever in the debt of the guys at Pyra for helping me get started – I can still remember finding Blogger, completely independently, when I was looking for an easier way to update my website than having to hand code a page, then hand code additional links and finally FTP all the updated files to my site – who knew it would go on for so long. It’s grown from a quirky little service to a fairly substantial one, but unfortunately it’s popularity is it’s downfall. The inability to post when I want has become increasingly frustrating, and all the while the feature set is being tailored more towards the ‘new’ market (I can’t blame them for that, it IS the space that Blogger is trying to dominate).

However I think I can safely say that I’m more a power-user and my recent spate of Firefox posts has made me realise, finally, that categories could be very useful.

Of course having made the decision, I need to find the time to actually make the switch. Ideally I’d do it this weekend but I’m a tad busy (shopping on Saturday, night out Saturday night, staying at parents, Gran’s birthday celebrations… ) so I’m guessing it’ll be done at some point next week. I’ll keep you posted of course.

Not sure how it will all work just yet, but hopefully the only difference you’ll notice is a change to the comments system.

Anyway, just a heads up, if I’m not posting my usual inane nonsense at any point in the next week or so you’ll know why.

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