Bugger this

Blogger is playing up. Again. Such is the price for using an American based service it seems, every morning is the same. Come 4pm GMT the site zips along like nobodies business, leading me to one of two conclusions.

1. Our American friends are finally ‘getting’ with the whole Kyoto thing and switching off lights at night. Unfortunately someone is mistaking the light switch for the switch that controls the Blogger servers.

2. Google are running backup procedures, and such like, overnight (overnight their time that is) and that’s causing problems.

There may be another solution but that’s all I can muster at this time in the morning. WordPress is looking better and better (even if I’d only have two categories of post: Misc and Firefox) but I’m not sure I’ve got the energy to switch across. Any of you guys done this? Think I’ll go pester Hanni for a ‘Dummies guide to switching from Blogger to WordPress’.

Mind you, right now it’s all I can do to keep my eyes open, I really must learn to go to bed before 1am on a school night. Caffeine, my friend, where fore art thou?

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