We’ve not been to the cinema in ages, and are planning on going tonight. Thing is the nearest UGC to us only offers a limited selection of movies so we usually end up not bothering at all rather than go to the huge one in Glasgow which is still showing some movies from a couple of months back.

The other problem we have is that I can be a tad contradictory when it comes to movie choices. Sometimes I just can’t be bothered with ‘silly’ movies (Farrelly brothers output for example) other times they are exactly what I want to see. Sometimes I like a dark thriller, something slightly twisted, and other times I’ll prefer a romantic comedy. I’m never that sure of my mood. So, looking at the list of movies on offer this evening, I’m guessing we’ll plump for Shark Tale, although Alien vs Predator, Bad Santa, and Birth all intrigue me (each for different reasons of course).

Of course the final problem is the fact that it’s Monday night and I’m not sure I can bothered going out at all. Maybe I should get Louise to come into Glasgow, so we have a little more choice.

Anyway, can’t wait for The Incredibles to be released. That’s a DEFINITE trip to the cinema. I’m a sucker for Pixar.