Off work tomorrow, but will be getting ready for the weekend which includes a wedding on Friday – where Louise is the bridesmaid and I’m the man behind the shoogly video camera, an engagement party on Saturday night – for Louise’s brother’s girlfriends best friend, and a lunch on Sunday – with the people from the wedding party again as the new Mr & Mrs. Lindsay don’t fly off for their honeymoon until Monday morning.

Friday night has already been pegged as a ‘keep the bar staff up all night’ night. The last two times I’ve been out drinking with the same crowd that will be at the engagement party on Saturday I’ve ended up so drunk I’ve fallen asleep (that’s as drunk as I get, and has only happened three times in all). Sunday should be reasonably light, so I’m thinking of scheduling in a quick stomach pump before lunch.

Yes I know, binge drinking is bad. But it’s not really a binge per se, more a two day alcohol-a-thon.

So that’s my weekend. Camera will be omnipresent so expect some photos. Of what I’m not entirely sure.

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