Blog rules!

GO BLOG!! Ohh sorry… too much American Presidental Election coverage has addled my brain…

That should really be “Blog Rules” as in “these are the rules by which I blog”.

  1. This is my site. It contains MY thoughts and MY opinions. I proffer them forth not to have you agree with them but simply to put them “out there”.
  2. As a visitor to my site you can chose not to read my opinions. You will, obviously, have your own opinions.
  3. I am entitled to have my own opinions.
  4. You are entitled to have your opinions.
  5. They may never match, but that is no reason to insult me for my opinion.
  6. I am always willing to re-consider my opinion.

This post may have been prompted by comments left by others on other sites. The final rule of blogging is that I don’t have to explain myself if I don’t want to…