Don’t you just love days like this? Spending hours in long meetings, trying to find a way to get more work done in few hours. How about shorter meetings!

I’m also a bit stuck by the death of John Peel. I feel bad, and I know he influenced a lot of people but I have been a tad surprised at the outpourings.

Similarly I find myself stuck until November the 5th. The date is moving closer, and the final plans for the wedding are taking place – tonight Louise gets her bridesmaid dress altered – and until it’s passed we are having a hard time planning for Christmas, our holiday in January (FECK I’VE STILL NOT GOT MY PASSPORT PHOTO TAKEN!!), and a couple of birthdays inbetween times.

But then that’s nothing new, I always feel this way as we head towards winter, the darker mornings and evenings heralding a change in attitude. Now I’m a lazy bugger by nature but long winter nights are made for one thing only – curling up somewhere warm and burning out my retinas watching TV, DVDs, or playing the PlayStation.

How do you approach winter? Hibernate or … er… fornicate??

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