Cold feet

Here I sit, wondering why. Why haven’t I gone to bed yet? I SAID I was gonna get an early night as it was a real struggle getting up yesterday, but then it’s a real struggle most days at the moment.

And that’s enough of that self-indulgent hoopla.

My Mum emails to correct me (I knew she would) that it was Kirsty Wark NOT Louise Bachelor who interviewed her for the telly UPDATE: Scrub all of that she PHONED this time to tell me to read her emails properly, Louise Bachelor did the interview, Kirsty Wark directed/produced the piece, happy now mother?

However I’ll level the score by reminding her that the reason I didn’t cut the grass on Sunday was because:

“… I spent all day alternating between flicking through magazines, reading a book … and watching a light drizzle outside.”

You know, I think that might be the first time I’ve used an ellipsis correctly.

Anyway, my feet are cold so I’m off to bed. To sleep, pension to dream…

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