Off the beaten

Quick aside: What is the point of having your wedding list available on a website, when you can’t actually see, or find, a description of what the cryptic product code means? John Lewis I’m looking at you! I don’t know what COPPER DIAM B/C is, when I click on the link you handily provide, I get a message saying “No picture available for this product” and when I search the rest of your site I get nothing except curtain rods. Prize for the first person who can provide a LINK to this item on the John Lewis website (I know what it is now, but STILL can’t find a link!).

Anyway, after unsuccessfully trying to buy a wedding gift online last night, I decide to clear out the iPod and create some new playlists. First things first. If you are going to buy an iPod and intend to use it mainly for your commute or the odd hour or three here and there, I’d suggest you stick with an iPod Mini. The 10GB iPod Louise has has never ever been close to full, the most I ever managed to put on it was about 7GB. Sure I COULD fill it up but I have difficulty enough selecting music with only 4GB or so on it…

Back to the playlist; I decided, as it’s mainly me that uses it, I’d create a playlist of only tracks I liked, pulled from skim my entire library. I normally try and theme the playlists; rock, songs, chill etc.

Now, I’ve only got about 48GB of music, so it wouldn’t take THAT long, right? Wrong. The result was a playlist containing 239 tracks, which took me from 9.30pm to 1am to finish. It’s an eclectic mix from Weezer to Paul Simon to The Chemical Brothers to Stevie Wonder to Goldfrapp to Queen to GrandDaddy, with a little Aretha and Radiohead thrown in for good measure.

I was very happy with it and chucked it on the iPod (along with albums from Diplo, Tes, Lambchop, Massive Attack, Kings of Leon, Brian Wilson, and Franz Ferdinand). A grand total of 3.4GB. Told you I couldn’t fill it! Anyhoo, I was really looking forward to the commute this morning, wondering what combination of tracks the shuffle would come up with.

And then as I stood iPod in hand, just about to push play, a co-worker joined me on the platform. Typical.

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