A little back story first. My parents are away on holiday over the weekend my birthday falls on. So I got my card and presents today. Which was very nice. First up I got a voucher for a massage (took me by surprise that one) which I’ll save for after a stressful week at work.

The second part of my birthday was a bit more practical, and proves that if you moan about something enough…

Yup, they bought me a new lawnmower. No more flymo for me! In fact I’m kinda hoping it stays dry tomorrow so I can finish cutting the grass – what a turn around!

They didn’t actually have it when we were through in Dumbarton today, but told me I would be getting one, although it might need to be ordered (apparently no-one buys lawnmowers in October.. odd that…). So that was fine, I was expecting it during the coming week at some point.

But no, my parents are nothing if not slightly mental, and decided to try a different store and then drive over here to deliver it (about an hour drive). Nuts they are (but in a very very good and very much appreciated way!).

So, YAY for cylinder lawnmowers, and far too generous, if slightly loopy, parents. I do luv ’em.

Mind you, boo for Norway beating us 1-0, but well done Ireland for the result in Paris. Unlucky Wales, just not good enough I’m afraid. Yes, I have to admit that England did look a class apart. Ho hum.

Now, read on for the Best Comment Ever left on a blog. It’s inspired, possibly by medication…

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