Soggy Napkins

So, being a day of leisure, I’m just back from a wander round East Kilbride shopping centre. A few minor purchases (aren’t these Pound shops just fascinating) and one question, raised when I stopped for a coffee and a bun in yet another little coffee place – actually it’s the same one but it’s changed names four times since it opened last year, and it once appeared in a Scottish Executive advert for.. er.. something or other.

The question is this: Why do these places insist on placing your slightly soggy slice of apple cake onto a napkin? What’s the purpose of this?

You are then faced with two choices, remove the napkin or eat the slice of cake with the napkin still in place. The former usually ends with part of your cake crumbling onto the table, the latter usually ends with you eating part of the napkin without realising.

Why do they do it? Answers in the comments box please.

Ohh and I know I said I’d post more details of something ‘fun’ yesterday but I’ve decided to leave it until tomorrow. Just don’t get your hopes up and change any plans just so you can come and see what it is, it’s not THAT exciting.

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