Seeing Glasgow

UPDATE: Well our social calendar is busier than I thought.

I noticed a small article about an upcoming Architecture Festival in Glasgow. Did a little digging and found that there are all sorts of tours, events and whatnot happening. I’m planning on going to a few, most probably the following:

  • Doors Open day – some of the grander buildings in Glasgow, which are usually closed to visitors or have restricted access, open their doors. Runs all weekend – 18th/19th Sept. – more info here.
  • Bollywood Outdoor Cinema – Hidden Gardens, Tramway – Sat. 18th Sept. 7pm.
  • River Regeneration Tour – A tour of Glasgow and the Clydeside by river, including a dusk return highlighting the City’s Lighting Strategy (hot soup provided!) – Wed. 22nd Sept. 5.45pm
  • Text in the City Walk – an architectural treasure trail around the Merchant City area of Glasgow. Clues given by SMS – runs from 18th to 25th Sept.
  • City of the Dead Tour – A guided tour of the Glasgow Necropolis – Mon 20th, or Thurs 23rd Sept., 6pm.

I’ve always promised myself I’d find out more about the city that has dominated most of my life, if you are interested in any, more details can be found on the Block website, or drop into The Lighthouse (on Mitchell Lane).