Paint the whole world

Every morning should have one, arching across the sky as the drizzle falls, all the colours in such glorious vibrancy.

Site news: HaloScan continues to play silly buggers, I’m trying to get in touch with the site admin to see what the problem is.

Other news: Mark Conrad wrote about the media coverage of Beslan in yesterday’s Observer: Should we have looked away?

Rather than transmitting facts, it exists to stir up emotions – literally to orchestrate them… Ethical scruples may make us avert our gaze from such images. But are we then colluding with the politicians who want to suppress them because of the inconvenient truths they tell?

Interesting piece, worth a read.

And, possibly on a similar note, I found this article at first amusing then, the more I thought about it, rather worrying:

The Church of St Sulpice has many attractions – notably its Delacroix mural. So it is a matter of deep regret to church officials that most visitors are now attracted primarily by a huge bronze candlestick, used by an evil albino monk to batter a nun to death in Dan Brown’s best-selling novel, The Da Vinci Code.

Or maybe I’m just “over-thinking”.

Anyway, nice weekend. Up at 5:15am yesterday to catch the in-laws at the airport before they flew home to Spain. It’s amazing what getting up that early can do for you day. We got home around 8am and I managed to read the paper, over my obligatory two coffees and a bagel, before lunch. Unheard of! My parents turned up at 1pm and it was off to Chatelherault for a launch event for the new Renault Modus. Clever car, lots of “ohhh that’s clever” little gadgets and ideas, but it’s little bigger than a Clio so don’t let the adverts fool you. They had one of the F1 cars there as well (photos if I can get them off my phone), but the day was somewhat ruined by the incessant drizzle. We left before either the falconry display or the herding of the “As Seen on TV” Loch Lomond Ducks.

And so, to Monday. That hallowed day for commuters, where the trains run late, the annoying people are ALWAYS in your carriage, and the man with the large sports bag, who is incapable of putting in an overhead luggage rack, drops it on your toes and constantly fidgets with it, rubbed a welt in your shin.

Except this morning the train was on time and it was quiet and spacious. I started to wonder if it was a bank holiday…

Thanks to all for the questions, my 100 Things is coming along nicely, still plenty of gaps though (I’m guessing that maybe I should put a little more effort into completing it myself, what with this being my site and all…).

And finally, a question: is sleeping from 9.30pm to 7.15am bad for you?