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Help me compile my 100 Things!

Right, I’ve started one of these several times and have never gotten very far. Seeing as it’s Friday, and we all need a good excuse to be pretending to work (although I never understand why this is different from any OTHER day of the week), I thought I’d enlist your help.

So, dear reader, what questions have you always wanted to ask me, or for that matter, what questions have you always wanted to ask anybody/everybody?

What I’m looking for, obviously, is some really deep philosophical questions*, stuff that will really make me think. So take your time, construct your question carefully and I’ll answer with the same care and thought.

I’ve taken a stab and thrown in some entries already, but I desperately need your help to get this finished. I doubt I’ll be online much over the weekend, so this’ll be here until Monday, no rush.

Leave (ALL) your questions in the comments box. Who knows, there MAY even be a prize for the best one!

* Yeah, I know, who am I kidding. That’s the thing, I can do the silly questions myself, it’s the smart ones that I struggle with. No, seriously. What? … Me? … Really? … Awww how kind … Yeah I guess I am “smart in my own way”, thanks!

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