The Darkness

Let me preface this by stating that I’m not sleeping well at the moment, so my mood isn’t a mystery to me.

It’s like looking down a well that has no bottom, the light filtering down as far as it can before it too succumbs to the enclosing murky depths. Wondering how deep it goes, remembering the last time you were here, looking down.

You turn your head to find the source of light, suddenly you panic, realising that it too is far away, up through the funnel above. It’s energy struggling to breakout of the confines, everything else faded, dim, distant.

Your shouts are muffled, incomprehensible until they echo back to you. You listen to yourself and know then that you can control this, that it’s not a slope, the handholds are there above your head, you just need to reach up and start climbing.

I’ll stop there, as I reckon I’m dangling from a couple of those handholds.

It’s a funny thing though, and something I thought I’d gotten past, the way it all builds, creeping up on you so that you don’t notice, until the last minute, that you are standing on that ledge, peering out, trying to see.


Anyone got any good jokes?