So, what are you currently reading?

Me? I’m reading trash. Well not trash, as in old Cornflake boxes, but trash as in easy to read, easily “put-down-able” and “pick-up-able” type novels. Think Jeffery Deaver, James Patterson, Nick Hornby, Iain Banks and the like.

Sometimes I hear a little chuckle, a mocking laugh echoing around the room for an instant, but I know it’s just Miguel de Cervantes, Alexandre Dumas, and John Steinbeck mocking me, deriding me, challenging me to pick them up instead (hell, you should hear what Tom Wolfe murmurs in my ear…).

I have slowly built a collection of old and new ‘classics’. There is a way to go yet and I HAVE read some of them.. the others though.. Feh! Have you SEEN the thickness of the Count of Monte Cristo? I just can’t even get into the state of mind to start to begin the contemplation of just taking that book from the shelf. Can you imagine what it would take for me to.. shudders.. open it.

So I think I need a holiday, more specifically a “book reading break”. A quiet cottage somewhere maybe, or a desert island just for us.

Alternatively I’m gonna go find some semi-classics and see if I can use them as a stepping stone, trouble is, I’m not sure what…

So, dear well-read reader, what do you suggest? What is a good halfway novel? Above the trash, but not yet on the pedestal of greatness.

What say you?

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