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(Which has now put Kish Kash in my head and on my playlist for the day, yay!)

Ordered a pint of Seize Cent Soixante Quatre last night, which came in a rather fetching glass (now if I had my new phone I’d be able to show you a photo of said glass, ohh well, maybe next week). A strange thing happened though, for some reason the glass became stuck to my hand and I ended up having to take it home with me. Can anyone say kleptomania? Well, I’ve a way to go before I can truly be called a “collector“. How many beer glasses have you acquired? And why am I fascinated by their lure?

Every morning at the station I pick up a copy of the wonderful, free, and very obviously derived from internet sources, newspaper The Metro. And every morning I pull a copy from under the topmost one which is invariably crumpled or torn. It’s a sad indication of our modern living habits that we consign such papers to the bin so readily. Sure, it’s printed on recycled paper but that’s not the point. Does ANYONE read the topmost newspaper? Is it consigned to the tortured depths of newspaper hell, and trashed WITHOUT BEING READ!!!???

Music wise, I’ve been listening to a lot of ambient, chillout, trip-hop stuff, coupled with some dance and well some stuff in the general ‘electronica’ genre. I’ve been a bit blah about a lot of the new stuff I’ve been listening to and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t able to get enthused about anything. Then on the way to work this morning what should pop up on the iPod but Psycho Man by Black Sabbath (Danny Saber remix). Great big fuckoff guitar riffs, THAT’S what I’ve been missing. Need to dig me out some AC/DC, Sabbath, Zeppelin and Hendrix later. What else?

Was this why Gary Neville was wearing a yellow bracelet during the PSV game the other night?

And finally

“U2 have approached Scissor Sisters to support them on their as yet untitled tour next year. Bono was at Moma in New York last week watching their gig.”
via Popbitch

It’s not the first time he’s been to see them either. Please let it be true for the Glasgow leg. There WILL be a Glasgow leg, right Mr.Bono?

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