The Sun had it's hat on…

You can tell it’s been a good weekend when:
1. You now have bottles of Grenadine, Galliano, Midori and Angostura Bitters on your desk, alongside a cocktail making gadget.
2. The top of your head is still slightly red from the sun yesterday.
3. You get a realistic quote for the installation of a new condensing boiler (and ripping out the old one) – Β£2.3k before cash discount.

The remnants of the house warming party seem to indicate, by their half-full state, that the pary continued long after I left. The bottle of absinthe on an adjoining desk suggests the same. Cocktails, absinthe, tequila shots, large quantities of beer. Boy, am I glad I was driving.

My Dad did a top notch BBQ on Sunday, Peter and Grace were still marvelling at his pavlova when we phoned them later – nice one Dad (as usual!) – and I’ve not had any side effects of the Guinness with added floaty bits. Not sure what they were as I couldn’t detect them whilst drinking but I wasn’t going to let some miscellaneous foreign bodies in my pint stop me from drinking it (unless they are Mexican or something).

And now it’s Monday. The sun has hung up his hat and I’m in work. Happy happy joy joy.

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