Shattered Glass

Let’s set the scene:

You are standing near the doors of a railway carriage. The train is crammed full as the previous six carriage train was cancelled, and the next one is only three carriages. The windows of the train are open, they tilt in leaving a gap of no more than five inches or so at the top of the window, but it’s enough to get some sort of breeze.

Where you stand there is a large panel of thick glass, which divides the doors from the seated area.

Suddenly there is a loud bang, the large panel of glass you are standing with your back to explodes and showers you in fragments and chunks of glass. A stone falls to the floor along with most of the panel. You leap forward, as far as possible, and let out a scream.

Needless to say I got a bit of a fright, but I was more concerned about my friend who was the person standing in front of the glass panel (thankfully I only got a few bits on my sleeve and in my hair). She was very shaken up, and ended up with cuts all down her back and arms.

What’s astonishing is that the stone made it in through one of the windows before smashing the glass pane inside – must be a one in a million shot that one.

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