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Last winter our heating system started showing signs that it was giving up the ghost. It’s an old back boiler system and must be at least twenty five years old. We replaced the pump when we moved in as a running repair but knew that we’d have to get a new central heating system at some point.

That time has arrived.

So last night we had a man from C.H.A.S. (Central Heating Advisory Service) out to the house, and tonight Scottish Gas make their pitch, before a couple of smaller local firms come in to give us quotes.

The man from C.H.A.S. was friendly enough and alluded to recent European rulings governing emissions (stemming from the Kyoto agreement) as to why we were doing this at the right time. Seemingly we’d be forced to upgrade the boiler anyway soon. Not sure how they ‘force’ you to do something like that but there you go. So now, it would seem, is the time for us to get this work done, he assured us. Doubly so as there is a current copper and steel shortage which is forcing up the prices.

A combi-boiler will need to be fitted in the kitchen, but at least we lose the monstrosity of a fireplace we currently have – we will be upgrading to one of those wee hole in the wall type fires if we can find one we like that is UNDER Β£1500!

The one thing that shocked us both, and the reason we are comfortable losing the “buy now” Β£100 discount offered by the man from C.H.A.S., was the price. Almost Β£3k. Which doesn’t include rebuilding one of the kitchen units, the new gas fire and re-decorating the living room. Admittedly it was “high efficiency” boiler he priced us for, but I see little point scrimping on something as expensive, and required, as this.

What say you? Am I being fleeced? I guess time will tell once I get some more quotes in, but I’m wary I have to say.

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