RSS, Atom, feed readers, news readers, syndication, XML, and a few other terms aside, what’s it all about?

Prompted by Lyle finally adding an Atom feed, and this post by the venerable Mr.Sippey, I’ve been delving into this whole thing again.

And once again the ‘simplest’ way for me would be to export my blogrolls to OPML and then import those OPML files into a feed reader (FeedDemon, SharpReader or FeedReader for example). But no, you can’t as the blogroll OPML files aren’t ‘standard’ and appear to hold no information. Arse.

Anyway I’m going to continue with this I think, as I’m getting hacked off missing posts and news stories because I am searching them out, let them come to me!

Ohh and with that in mind, I’ve been checking out FeedBurner which looks to make the whole thing a lot simpler for everyone.

Time for a little more research methinks, but for now you can subscribe to my (Feedburner) feed.