Bugger it

Plagarism is a form of flattery (even if I can’t be bothered creating three columns).

Big Brother is getting a bit exciting. What? YES I watch it, get over it.

I must admit that this series, whilst being considerably more watchable than last year’s snooze-fest, is beginning to border on .. well I’m not sure what you call it but it’s making me distinctly uncomfortable. “Provocative TV” can only go so far and I think the recent fighting has over stepped the mark.

Or has it? I remember the media pitch for the first Big Brother having something to do with psychological (sociological) experimentation and manipulation. Has this season’s series finally taken these experiments to their conclusion?

After all, if I want to watch grown men threaten others and, generally, act like children, I can just turn on the news and watch some football fans do just that.

England won. France drew. I’m supporting France, but to be honest none of the ‘big’ teams have performed particularly well yet. Sweden have been the most positive team, even if the scoreline of 5-0 against Bulgaria wasn’t a true reflection on the game.

And aren’t the referees supposed to be clamping down on diving and shirt-pulling. The referee in last’s night France game awarded several freekicks for shirt-pulling and NO yellow cards, not to mention ignoring the fact that Thierry Henry was completely taken out twice, with the Croatian players making no attempt at getting the ball.. ridiculous. The air in our living room matched the colour of the French shirts!

Louise is out shopping on Saturday (there is a mother-in-law without an outfit for a wedding!), and most of Sunday at Live and Loud with nieces in tow (she’s not fooling me of course, they are just an excuse). That leaves me with most of the weekend free.. to… er… well if I’ve not shifted this cold I’ll end up comatose on the sofa.

Of course there is Father’s Day on Sunday (sorry Dad, no Ferrari this year), so if I have the car I might head through there after dropping off Louise… hmmm plans to be made I think.

And finally, Championship Manager. 2.30 am this morning. Bloody addictive.