In case you hadn’t noticed I’ve not really had the motivation to post here everyday. I mean, I still feel that I should (4 years of habit is hard to break, just ask Nadia, BB’s very own nicotine bitch) but it’s a bit of a struggle sometimes. Hiatus, shmatus though. You’ll just have to suffer with me.

I should mention the New Moveable Type licensing – given the amount of column inches (literally!) this was given when they first announced the prices I think it’s only fair to mention this. Seems like the good folks at Six Apart are listening and have changed the prices. I won’t say that they maybe should’ve done some of this ‘negotiating’ with, say, the BETA testers… oops, I just did.

Ohh yes, and it’s Father’s Day on Sunday. What the hell do you get for the Dad who has everything? Dad, feel free to chip in here too!