Well a second game of 5-a-side has been survived. With no cramps, just a bit of a niggle from Tuesday but I can live with that.

Firstly, thanks to all for your suggestions, I was aware of most of them but the potassium and calcium ones were new. Anyway, I had a packet of salt and vinegar crisps mid-afternoon, drank plenty of water and had a banana about an hour before we played. So.. emm.. that means that one or all of those solutions worked for me. Ohh and before anyone asks, I ALWAYS stretch before and after, I learnt that one years ago.

If you also get cramp, you might find the following links useful, particularly the first one:

1. MUSCLE CRAMPS: Do they cramp your style?
Discusses several of the theories and suggests experimenting with them all to find a solution.
2. Hydration – including how you can tell if you are hydrated
Plumbing (pun intended!) new depths now, pee analysis?
3. Night Cramps
I’m including this because I’ve had it three times now, the first was when I was… 14?… the most recent occured when my foot and lower leg were in plaster. Trying stretching out a cramp with a cast on!

This has been a public health post, brought to you courtesy of zed, Dad, Pootlecat, Dragon, Ann Marie, Donalda (the latter two really should get a blog… come on gal’s it’s dead easy to setup, and you’d be brilliant!)