And then…

… I realised I couldn’t remember where I’d said it. Was it on my site? In a comment somewhere? Had I spoken it aloud? Now I know my memory is bad but this kind of ‘internet haze’ is becoming quite alarming.

Take, for example, a typical surfing session. Check my email, check my site, read any comments and respond, check some sites via the blogroll (or two). Then it’s onto the news and ‘miscellany’ sites. If anything is noteworthy, open it in a new tab in Firefox to be read, or blogged about, later.

Only thing is, I’m beginning to lose track of where, and what, I’ve commented on, and how I found it. Anyone else experiencing this?

It’s almost akin to vague memories I have of the internet in 1996. Even then (B.G. – Before Google, also known as the Age of Altavista) there was loads to be found, silly stuff, clever stuff, current stuff, older stuff, hundreds and thousands of pieces of information that never seemed to end. In fact you could almost compare the internet to, say, the universe; both started from one event and have continued to grow/explode outward and show no signs of stopping.

I wonder – which will reach capacity first?

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