Devil's Advocate

Still can’t really muster up much enthusiasm or spare brain power at the moment. I did survive a game of 5-a-side (well 4-a-side actually) tonight, but now it’s 9.30pm and I’m completely drained. Mentally and physically.

The only thought in my head is from a comment I made the other day, to a work colleague. I was asking him questions, deliberately playing devil’s advocate – I’m an argumentative bugger at the best of times but I was genuinely trying to help – and it got to a point where I had to point out that I was, indeed, playing devil’s advocate.

Should I have to do that? What does it say about my work persona that I have to point that out? By nature I’m pessimistic, and I question everything. I’m not one to say “Yes” easily, finding the instant answer of “NO” allows me to get more information about the task at hand as people will usually try and convince me that I should do what they are asking (this IS different from being TOLD what to do, even if I tend to deliberately blur those lines, told you I was argumentative…). I’m wondering if I need to go on a charm offensive.

On the other hand, bugger that. That’s there problem, I’ve learnt how to deal with them, they can damn well learn to deal with, working with, me.

Heh. Funny that. Didn’t think I had anything to say.

This blogging lark is quite cathartic, ain’t it.

Just remembered another thing too… I’ll keep that for another time though. Ohh as I will something else I’ve mentioned here several times, all will be revealed though.