Michael Moore

I’ve toyed with posting this several times in the past few days, but a comment on one of yesterday’s posts helped me make up my mind – namely.. bugger it, post and be damned!

Michael Moore is in the news again. He seems to becoming more and more prominent, especially since I saw him speak in Glasgow and people are picking up on this and suggesting that he is venturing further and further from the truth in his documentaries.

But is that the point? I mean, of course it is a valid point, if someone is holding up damning evidence it should be true. Right? But isn’t he just changing his approach to match those of his ‘opponents’. The well known quote about statistics (lies, damn lies and…) makes part of my case here. Michael Moore produces thought provoking films. He is promoting his new film. The film tells a story. It follows a script and direction set by Moore.

So the question is: When is a documentary not a documentary? When it’s a film?

As I said before, I agree with the general aims and principles he is campaigning for, and no I don’t agree with a lot of his tactics. But this is far from a level playing ground, and the higher the profile Moore can maintain, the safer he is. Unfortunately that usually involves subterfuge, underhand tactics and … well.. all that stuff we associate with political parties. But then, that’s what Moore is now, in all but name.

And of course, this being the internet, the polar opposite to Michael Moore’s views can be found at Moore Watch – Watching Michael Moore’s every move, which current has an interesting letter featured on it’s front page. The letter reads like it comes from the disillusioned everyman who wants to have the information to make up his own mind and yet seems to have been hi-jacked to a degree to fan some flames under Moore. The letter itself makes some good points, the surrounding editorial reads like some sort of brain-washed idealist propaganda. Mind you, some of the editorial on Moore’s own site reads the same way.

What we need, as human beings sharing one planet, is to find some form of middle ground. A compromise. Granted I’ll fall on the liberal side on most issues, if not all, but too far either way and you end up with lunacy.

All those in favour? Viva la revolution!!