INTJ … I think

I remember going on a management training course and taking a Belbin test. It’s designed to help you create a perfectly balanced team with the right mix of ideas people to “do-ers”. I think I was pegged as the type of person who takes an idea and expands on it, plans it then hands it on to be completed. Obviously this is a theoretical model and most of us will have had to play one or more of these roles at any given time (ohh ok, we’ve all been ALL those roles at once).

Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to talk about but it popped into my head.

Remember when I bought and, well I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with them since then and have finally decided. You’ll not that the idea phase took ages, and the planning stage has taken me all of 30 mins.

So here’s how it’ll all break down:
1. will remain the URL for the blog, forever and ever, amen.
2. and will point to a ‘homepage’ – remember them!

The homepage will link out to all my sites, including this one, Scottish Blogs (planned quickly, still in development, can you see a pattern forming here?), my Photo Gallery which will be under it’s own sub-domain, and Hospital Radio Lennox. I’ll probably put the more ‘me’ centric stuff there and link to it from here (probably move the About page and some other bits and bobs).

Why? Well this here page is getting awfully cluttered and needs tidied up.

So, that’s that planned then. Expect all this to happen sometime in 2006.