My Day

Louise is out shopping with her friend (left at 10 back around 5ish probably), and then out tonight as well. So, essentially, I’ve got an entire day to myself. Bliss.

Now, I’m not suggesting that I don’t enjoy my wife’s company, but it is good to get a day to myself every now and again. A chance to chill doing what I want, watching what I want, listening to what I want to listen to, eating when I want, what I want.

This evening will involve a nice rich Ruby Cabernet and a couple of movies, not sure which ones yet, but I’ve still not watched The Pianist, and will probably throw on something easy to watch after that…

Now this afternoon I should be gardening. I’ve tried twice so far, and each time I’ve gotten as far as getting the lawnmower out and a light drizzle has started. I’ll switch to weeding after lunch.

My, what an exciting life!

Tomorrow though, well, tomorrow there are two choices.

1. Go somewhere. Maybe a random drive, maybe a specific location but mainly spend the day with my darling wife. Ideas so far: revisit ViewPark Gardens – if it’s nice, visit the iMax – if it’s raining.

2. Stop talking about it and actually start the process of finding a new car – I’ve been pontificating about this long enough, although I still need to get an idea of the numbers involved. Thing is, what to buy? We currently have a W reg Renault Megane, I don’t like the ‘fat ass’ new model (but if the deal is good enough I’d consider it). I DO like the new Laguna but we are trying to save money so have talked about something smaller – Fiesta, Clio.. MGT? It’s either that or something in the New Astra, Peugeot 307, Mazda3, Ford Focus kinda range. I won’t pay the money for a VW or a Honda (overpriced in my opinion), and have toyed with a Mini (Cooper?) but you don’t get much car for your money. Tricky one, and knowing us, if the deal sounds right we’ll base our decision on that, rather than the model of car.

Being the geek I am, I’ve already got a spreadsheet with model, list price, insurance bracket, and ownership cost per mile (Parkers is a great resource!) and I’ll go armed with that if we do end up visiting some dealers.

Any advice or opinions are welcomed – I DO know that if we visit a garage this weekend it will be with a view to going back at the end of the month with the hope of driving a better deal. What say you?

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