Well whatever they did to the technical gubbins seems to have done the trick as the service is now happily chugging along. Of course there is still a natural sway towards.. well.. “demographical music choices” but as more people starting using this it should even out. Right?

Current Top 10:

1. non-mover: Modest Mouse – Float On
2. non-mover: Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out
3. non-mover: The Postal Service – Such Great Heights
4. non-mover: Evanescence – My Immortal
5. non-mover: Coldplay – Clocks
6. up 2: Radiohead – Karma Police
7. down 2: Coldplay – The Scientist
8. up 3: D12 – My Band
9. up 7: The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army
10. up 27: Maroon 5 – This Love

Now obviously this kind of system is open to some abuse. For example if I were to go away on holiday for a week and leave on track on continuous repeat, I’m guessing that track would be a shoo in for a high placing. Again as more people sign up the chances of this happening are lowered.

Note: This is bad, right? Grasping for content in such an obviously needy way. I really just shouldn’t post anything. But then you might leave and never come back. And I quite like seeing that little number next to the Comments link. *sigh* what a sad life I lead.

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