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I’ll stop after this.

Business Plan. What is it and why did it prompt the new ‘revamped’ design?

There is a lot of focus (rightly) on the new look and new features (and changed features). But where now? Keep adding features for free? Really? When you are taking on Moveable Type and have been, seemingly, static for quite a while you are losing ground. Everywhere I’ve read posts from the people involved in this re-design talk of it in the immediate past. So is this the first step in a longer term strategy?

For Blogger Pro people, the people who paid for extra features, the only thing we are getting is a comments system, and a restricted one at that. Granted the amount of comment spam that hits most sites means that more of the hosted comments systems will have to start offering some form of spam protection (TypeKey anyone?) but there needs to be scope for people who aren’t (touch wood) affected by this.

I’m not bashing the new Blogger, Google, or any of the people involved but I DO get the feeling that this is only half the story. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m being too hopeful and maybe I need to remove some of the emotional attachment I have for Blogger (I mean I have a Blogger hoodie after all…) but I’m sure there is more to come, and that the technological changes under the hood that AREN’T being talked about are probably twice as important as those nice new curvy graphics on the front page.

As ever, time will tell.

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