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Not overly positive.

Diamond Geezer has posted an initial reaction, and I’ll cherry pick the ones I agree with:

1. “I can’t redraft a blog post and see what the old post looked like any more. So I can’t see what all the code I’m using is supposed to look like, and make changes as appropriate. Only one or the other on screen at the same time. I think this is the innovation I hate the most.” – SNAP!

2. “Bloody American dates. The ‘edit posts’ page we Bloggers get to use lists everything by American date. Today is not 5/10/2004, it’s 10/5/2004. It used to say “May 10 2004″, which I could happily cope with.” – a long standing gripe for me.

3. “We now have the option to link to individual posts, rather than just jump to one post somewhere in a weekly/monthly archive.” – and what’s more – if you want to switch to this MT-style archiving and you aren’t using blogspot, you need to manually create all the folders BEFORE turning on the option. This is hidden in the help but surely should be indicated on-screen next to the option.

MY other comment:

There is some good stuff here, but I agree with the sentiment that it is all a bit ‘dumbed down’. Little thought seems to have been given to us more experienced users. Of course they’ll probably release an ‘Advanced’ version next week just to prove me wrong…

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