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Hg drives through a rainbow and reminds me that I didn’t mention the thunderstorm we had in Glasgow on Thursday. Didn’t last long but was directly overhead and loud enough to shake the windows.

It prompted the usual discussions about the most extreme examples of weather we had seen and a couple of people admitted they would love to become a stormchaser. My wife falls into that category, as do I but to a lesser degree.

It’s that whole “power of nature” thing proving that, ultimately we are very small and fragile and really had better stop pissing Mother Nature off. I get the same kind of feeling gazing into a starry sky, particularly from somewhere remote with little light pollution. Having your entire field of vision filled with one “thing” is quite something and I usually have an almost vertigo like reaction to it.

So, would YOU be a stormchaser? What’s the most extreme/unique/breathtaking weather phenomenon you’ve seen?

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