This morning’s delayed train allowed me the luxury of reading the entire paper (Metro). As a source of ‘snippet’ information it is wonderful. None of the articles are particularly in-depth allowing the reader access to the facts and for your own opinions to be formed. I’m not for a minute suggesting that the Metro is flawless, as is evident by the fact that it is fairly obvious the bulk of the articles are… let’s say “repurposed” (seriously, say it, what a dull word. Probably something to do with the aural pattern you use to when saying it, in fact I was reading an article about that kind of thing last week, ver interesting… will try and dig it out). However as a paper based ‘newsfeed’ it certainly does the job. Metro is the Kinja of the print world.

It covers current news topics, quirky tech and scientific stories, general “human interest” quirky stories, sport, celebrity interviews, and the inane ramblings of the masses (also known as the letters page). It has wonderful quotes like this one in today’s paper from a story about Madonna’s legal battle to limit public access to the grounds of her 1,200 acre property:

“There is no exception to prevent public access to land owned by those who, perhaps through their talent, become famous”


I love the Metro. I just wish it’s website was a little bit… better.

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