Grown up

Should I be worried? Should I care? Should I make some changes?

I don’t feel grown up. I have a mortgage, a car, a garden to tend. I enjoy a quite night in with a bottle of wine, and a noisy night out in a pub. I enjoy watching cartoons. I don’t follow politics as closely as I should (but close enough thanks), I do enjoy a good cup of coffee.

But, seemingly, I’m not ‘grown up’ because I wear boxer shorts.

My darling wife made this comment (I’m paraphrasing) the other day. She said that she, and her friend, had been discussing an appearance by Julian McMahon on Nip|Tuck, clad in nothing but a pair of dark briefs (he was, not them). She said he looked like a man, but she didn’t see me that way. Her friend said the same about her partner, I’m not sure if her friend said the same about me.

Now I know I can be childish, immature and have a tendency to use humour as a defence mechanism – so much so it’s spilled over into a natural reaction in a lot of scenarios – but I AM A MAN!

So, this weekend I’ll be changing my underwear. Er…. that is, I’ll be buying some new underwear (I was brought up well, I change my underwear everyday… mostly..). The only question is whether to invest in a pair of speedo’s as well…