Getting there

Limping towards the finish line that will be the ‘members only’ launch of the Scottish Blogs website. Just need to get ONE DAMN FORM working, import some data and ‘stick a fork in me’ I’m done. I’ll let the current members play with it for a bit (which means I’ll be blocking it off temporarily with a password… maybe.. if I can be bothered) and allow them to edit their details and then the site goes live.

There are still quite a few features I want to add but I can add them later without a hit on the current users and I really need to get this off my ‘list’.

In other news (ohh hang on, can’t mention that) errr… ohh yes.


To be honest I’ve not really been happy with this site for a while, and I think the last re-design was just an effort to try and divert my attention from that fact. The next one is likely to be more radical. No timelines. No collaboration. It’ll just happen one day.

In real life: Ehhhh well… after the weekend I’m actually enjoying doing bugger all to be honest. Especially as my head is full of DTDs, EDDs, DITA, content audits, information maps and the like, it’s nice to kill a few braincells by surfing aimlessly for a while.