This that other

Last night, our ‘celebration’ trip to the cinema was to see The Butterfly Effect (starring Mr Demi Moore I think….). It was…. yeah, it was.. it was a movie. He was awful, the plot was sketchy, the script was ropey. Shame really as the main premise of the movie was OK. Mind you after someone saying they had walked out because of it’s “sadistic sickness” I guess I should’ve know better. Anyway, Louise was keen and I’ve not gotten through 7 years of marriage without learning the value of compromise.

Ho hum.

Ohh and for the record, Louise and I have been together for ten years, engaged for three, married for seven. We met when we were 15 (first love… awwww…). The ducklings (see yesterday’s post) were very young. Not sure how you age a duckling to be honest. Suffice to say there were at the fluffy cute stage.