Catch Up 22

Suprisingly little content can be gleaned from the last week and a bit. It consisted mainly of work. Of course if I was more happy to blog about work then I would have screeds of content available, although, ultimately, it would be more depressing than the current (lack of) content. Suffice to say that on Friday night, seven people sat in the office at 10pm, giggling our heads off and not one of us can remember what we were laughing at… Hilarity? Delirium? Tis but a fine line…

Then there was the weekend that wasn’t. Although we didn’t venture out far enough to buy some heathers and a conifer for this weekend’s gardening project.

Ehhh, think that’s about it. Even the late night train journeys provided little in the way of entertainment except for one very very very drunk man, who thought it might be fun to sprawl across the seat I was currently sitting on. All comic value was lost when I growled at him to move or I’d eject him not only from my lap but from the moving train via one of the windows.

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