No sooner have I mentioned that it’s “International TV Turnoff Week” than the TV schedules throw up some unmissable programmes. Naturally the BBC Two anniversary is the centre of attention, but don’t forget THAT abortion documentary, not to mention a Champions League semi-final (hmmmm I’m not sure about the way I’ve structured this…. I DO think that abortion is a much bigger issue than a football game, I just happen to know that I’ll definitely watch one – Louise is out tonight – and will probably forget about the other – I’m usually on the PC at that time at night – I’ll let you figure out which).

Just as well I didn’t snore last night I guess.

In other news, a large heavy box arrived this morning (almost causing me to miss my train). This means that I will be building an elliptical trainer tonight and will no doubt be a bit stiff and sore legged tomorrow. Gotta start somewhere I guess.

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