Only problem with working over the weekend, well ONE of the problems with working over the weekend, is just how tired it makes you. No respite at all.

Of course I’ve got a bloody cheek to say I’m knackered, it’s not like I’ve run 26 miles 385 yards* today (I’ve barely walked further than to and from the car between destinations).

Mind you, I’m not so sure the people who did complete the London Marathon have much to complain about. I mean Ben Hammersley completed “Marathon Des Sables” which is “230 kilometres in 6 stages over 7 days including a full “marathon” stage and a “non-stop” stage (when runners have to cover 80 kilometres in under 40 hours)”. Ohhh and they have to carry their own food and gear for the whole race at the same time, and are only provided with 9 litres of water to cope with day-time temperatures of up to 125F. Nutters the lot of them.

Hmmm. Turns out that Ben Fogle chap was doing it as well, no news if he finished though.

Me? My aim is to be able to run the length of myself by the end of the summer. Well, small acorns and all that..

* Did you know that the length of a marathon is based upon the distance from Windsor Castle to the Olympic Stadium in London and was set at this distance in the 1908 Olympics – the Olympics were supposed to have been held in Rome, but Mount Vesuvius erupted two years prior causing widespread destruction and forcing a shift of venue.

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