THAT'S why!!

I love it when it happens, especially as my muse seemed to have escaped me recently. Admittedly it did mean I was up until 1.30am but such is life. I know that when I get into that mode the worst thing to do is stop.

What am I talking about? That ‘lightbulb’ moment, the fulcrum of a project where suddenly everything falls into place (kerchunk) and you start to see how it all works. I had one last night, the muse returned and 9pm turned into midnight in the blink of an eye.

What it does mean is that the Scottish Blogs website has moved on a fair bit, and I’m almost ready to properly open the BETA to the existing members – you guys got a sneak peek. It also means that I can move onto other websites that I’ve been neglecting, HRL and Instant Ideas (site down at present) for example. Although to be honest, I think once I get Scottish Blogs completed I’ll take a break from all this web design malarky. For a week or so anyway…