Spot of shopping at lunch time. Spotted this URL on a fly-poster – you know, the ones bands and clubs use and get posted on boarded up windows and doors – www.flypost.it. Describes itself as ‘Guerilla Marketing’. And I thought fly-posting was illegal. Hmmm.

Also spotted was that Scottish designer bloke aff the telly. You know, the one with the blonde hair.. I think he’s gay… appears with another bloke (his partner?) on these makeover shows… ach you know who I mean. And no I can’t be bothered Googling for him.

And lastly a minor observation and subject of frequent discussion in the pub.

Why do women wear low cut tops then get pissed off when men glance* at their chests.

* Some men can glance ya know. It’s true. Personally I prefer a good ogle but hey… you probably guessed that already πŸ˜‰