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Coffee? Check.
Email by the bucketload? Check.
REAL Email less than 2% of total? Check.
Second coffee? Check.

Yes, it’s Monday morning. Already. I’m in a surprisingly upbeat mood, which is more than can be said for the blogrolling servers (so if this site is loading s l o w l y for you, that is probably the reason why). This is despite the fact that I am behind in the Scottish Blogs development (BETA due v.soon, honest!), that it rained most of the weekend and I’m worried that the neighbours cat will actually get lost in the jungle that is fast becoming our front garden, and I didn’t win the office Grand National sweepstake (I had Bear on Board – placed 8th – and Alexander Banquet – fell at the 15th. Glad they all made it back unharmed though).

It also takes into account the piece on the centenary of the Entente Cordiale on BBC Breakfast this morning, no mention of the “Auld Alliance” dating back some 700 years:

Scotland has had a special relationship with France – ‘The Auld Alliance’ – for over 700 years. Based originally on political expedience the relationship shifted in the late Eighteenth Century when, referring to the exemplary thought emerging from the Scottish Enlightenment, Voltaire famously said: “We look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilisation”.

Bloody hell, I’ve started quoting a quote containing Voltaire. Don’t worry, low-brow content will return to your screens shortly (such as the Big Brother auditions featuring the Tourette’s sufferer).

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