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Farmer’s market wasn’t up to much, I imagine it will be better as we move towards summer. The antiques fair was VERY serious, spotted several nice things and actually pondered pay £450 for one of them but decided against it… we’d like to eat this month, and next.

But the highlight of the day has been the three ladies in my family. I love them dearly but they can all be a little… let’s say… scatterbrained.

Example 1 – My Wife
On the way home we were stopped at a set of lights on the road Louise takes to work. There are some fairly major roadworks going on at the moment. Just before the lights changed to green, a fire engine had gone barrelling through them, lights flashing, horn blaring, siren going. The lights changed, and I edged forward, wary that another fire engine might appear round the corner.

Louise asked what I was doing, the lights were at green. I replied that I was watching out in case another fire engine came round the corner.

A minute or so later my darling wife admitted that she hadn’t seen the large silver and red vehicle go past. That was the one with blue flashing lights, a siren sounding, and the driver leaning on the horn. Quite a skill as it passed all of ten feet from our car.

I’ll be driving ALL the time from now on.

Example 2 – My Sister
She’d been out the night before and got up in time for lunch with us when we returned from the farmer’s market. She picked up one of those little creme caramel tubs. If you’ve never had one before it is a bit like a yoghurt pot with the papery seal on the top, except it has a tiny hole in the bottom, sealed with foil, which allows a little air in so you can easily plop it out onto a plate. You open the top, turn the pot upside down and remove the foil – voila! one mini creme caramel sits on your plate.

We had lunch and my sister moved onto her creme caramel. She attracted our attention when she cursed lightly whilst shaking the inverted tub up and down: “It won’t come out…”.

My Dad, jokingly, enquired if she had removed the top of the tub as well as the foil seal.

She hadn’t.

Example 3 – My Mum
My Mum and her friend had driven into town to run some errands, they both had a few bits and bobs to do, and my Mum had to go to the bank first. My Mum’s friend dropped her off saying she would go to the end of the street, turn the car round, and come back and pick up my Mum before they drove to the supermarket.

My Mum got out of the car, went into the bank, deposited a cheque and came back out. She got into the car sitting there, and was reaching for her seatbelt when a man said: “Excuse me, I think you’ve got the wrong car”.

My Mum’s friend was sitting in the OTHER red car outside the bank, peeping her horn.

So it’s been a day of laughter, slight boredom (why do we keep wandering round these ‘home/lifestyle’ shops) and an overcooked Tuna steak. I even managed to get up on a Sunday morning before my Dad, quite a feat.

Thanks for the cinema suggestions, we might go tomorrow evening.. or.. next weekend. Busy week coming up ya see, but more on that later.

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